Instruction in the
Craft of Film Photography
Custom tutoring in black-and-white photography tailored to meet your specific needs and interests in a supportive and creative environment. As the only student you have the opportunity to study topics of your choice ranging from beginning photographic techniques to the Zone System and the crafting of fine negatives and prints. My professional darkroom/studio is available to you during tutoring sessions and aesthetic critique of your work is offered with respect to your personal vision and what makes a print successful. My focus is on strengthening your photographic craft empowering you to create meaningful and powerful photographs of the highest quality that will reflect your own expression.
Kristin Satzman
My photography has improved greatly since beginning to work with Kristin. She has taught me through clear explanations and demonstrations a methodical approach to achieve consistent results and better control over both exposure and printing techniques. She has made these concepts enjoyable to learn. Kristin is an excellent teacher.
- Brian Nelson
Kristin has a wonderful ability to explain the photographic process in a clear concise manner that is essential to learning such a centuries old craft. She has an open approach to dialogue, is a great listener, and is perceptive in figuring out your needs. She wants the best in you to come out and she will inspire you with the beauty of her own work.
- Angelah Limon-Cerri
Kristin Satzman is an award winning fine-art photographer who has worked in the field for over 15 years. She is a master printer and an expert in traditional photographic processes and photographic restoration. Her work has been exhibited and published nationally.
Hourly rate: $55
(5) 2-hour sessions: $500
(10) 2-hour sessions: $950

To enroll please call 415.305.3762 or
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